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About Us

Franklin County Mountain Bike Club (FCMTBC), a chapter of VMBA, is a non-profit, volunteer organization formed in 2012 to represent the interests of mountain bikers in Franklin County, VT. We support responsible trail use, perform maintenance on existing trails, and advocate for the creation, expansion, and access to local trails for non-motorized, off-road recreational use.

Chapter Benefits

We support our community in every way we can

Support Local Businesses

Keep your business  local

Build Community

Join our group of riders- for all ages! 

Get Active

Enjoy the outdoors and increase your heart rate

Learn More 

Help your environment and your community

Get Involved 

All year long, FCMTBC is actively working to maintain and grow our trail network. We work to make your trail experience better every single day. 

But we can’t do it alone. We need you! Help us make Franklin County better in the best way we know how - by making the outdoors more accessible to everyone.


We are constantly looking for members of our club and community to come out and help us in this endeavor. From trail grooming, to putting up new trail signs, spreading the word, everyone can help. 


And if that’s not enough, there is usually pizza.


Volunteers are always welcome!  

What We Do

Franklin County Mountain Bike Club works to maintain our current trail networks within Franklin County and ensure its use throughout the following generations.


Our hope is to continue expanding our networks by adding trails and new destinations. All of this can be achieved with your help. 

Members are the life blood of our organization, everything we do is possible through your physical and financial efforts. 


Together, we can promote healthy outdoor activities that bring the community together.  

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