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Trail Blazing

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Franklin County has two great trail networks, great for beginners and advanced riders alike! At Aldis Hill - Hard’ack Recreation Area and the Town Forest, we are excited to present the public with a restored and preserved trail system. Have you ridden them all?

In December 2020, FCMTBC made a commitment to having a bigger impact on the restoration and preservation of trails in Franklin County. Maintaining and restoring trails is a big part of our mission, and it is just one way we can help our community.

What We Have in Store

Continued trail restoration and rerouting efforts is just the beginning

Our Territory

From our downhill trails at Aldis Hill - Hard’ack Recreation Area offering technical trails to our new network at The Town Forest. FCMTBC will protect the trails to ensure their use in future generations.

How we Build

FCMTBC uses modern techniques for trail building

We are currently collaborating with the multi-user Trail Alliance at Hard’ack Recreation Area to restore and reroute eroded trails. In their place, we will be using modern techniques such as rockguarding and switchbacks.

Get Involved

Franklin County Mountain Bike Club is a nonprofit organization. We rely on our members and outdoor enthusiasts support in maintaining the trails we all enjoy. To help ensure the happiness of future riders, check out our Facebook page for upcoming times to help out, or join our team for continued support! We greatly appreciate your efforts.

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