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Welcome to FCMTBC!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The 2021 riding season is fast approaching! And man, do we have a lot in store for you! We are hitting the ground running to bring you as many benefits, and as much fun as possible!

The Franklin County Mountain Bike Club has just elected a new Board of Directors that are willing and able to breathe new life into our club, all in efforts to bring you and your family the best mountain biking experience in Franklin County.

New Season

The beginning of every season unleashes new ideas and new opportunity, and we are so excited to share them with you!

This past winter, we have all been working and thinking up new and better ways to bring our community together in a healthy and safe way. We hope to bring you inclusive events, and family fun all season long.

Meet the Board

Allow us to introduce you to this years Board of Directors of FCMTBC.

Andy Crossman has been elected to be the president of Franklin County Mountain Bike Club this year. He has been a member since the club began in 2012 with the intention of making trail networks in Franklin County more accessible to everyone. Steve Bernard founded club and is now the vice president, working to ensure you have the most up-to-date information before you head out on the trails. This year, our treasurer is Brian Clukey. He is an experienced trail builder who has built trails in Bolton, Vermont and continues to be a hardcore biker. Stephen Poston, a proud dad of three and will serve as our club secretary. Jason Berube is passionate firefighter at the Burlington Airport and will be lead our trail maintenance and expansion efforts. Finally, Evan Champagne has been an avid mountain biker for the last 30 years, and will head our membership department.

What We Are Doing

Maintenance, expansion, and education... That’s what we do!

This year we are working harder than ever to bring you the best benefits and experience yet! Our new website is just the beginning! Like always, we will be maintaining trails at Aldis Hill - Hard’ack Recreation Area and Saint Albans Town Forrest. New this year, we will be putting more focus on member events and educating the riders of Franklin County on responsible and safe riding practices.

Get Involved

Like what you hear? Get involved! We love our members and our volunteers. Throughout the riding season we will be hosting work-parties, where we all come together to groom the trails and build our community. Dates and times to follow.

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1 Comment

Lexie Benware
Lexie Benware
Feb 23, 2021

Can’t wait for this season!

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